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​labour market research

The Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) publishes research and reports that facilitates development and review of policy and practice in the further and higher education sectors as well as other related sectors. The SLMRU also manages the National Skills Database and provides labour market data and analysis to the Education and Training Board sector (e.g., in support of the joint SOLAS/ETB annual business planning exercise).​​

The Expert Group of Future Skill Needs

The Expert Group on Future Skill Needs (EGFSN) advises the Irish Government on current and future skills needs of the economy and on other labour market issues that impact on Ireland's enterprise and employment growth. It has a central role in ensuring that labour market needs for skilled workers are anticipated and met.

For more visit: http://www.skillsireland.ie/​

The National Skills Database

The National Skills Database (NSD), developed by the SLMRU, collates all available information on the supply and demand of skills in Ireland. It represents an effective tool for timely analyses and forecasting of the labour market at occupational level. It facilitates the use of a range of indicators and models to assess potential imbalances between the demand and supply of skills for more than 100 occupations.

In 2008, the SMLRU won the Innovation in Government award for its work on the National Skills Database.

The data held in the NSD is gathered, usually at occupational level, from numerous sources, including the Central Statistics Office, the Department of Social Protection, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, the Higher Education Authority, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Education and Skills, the Central Applications Office, among others. The Unit also conducts a Recruitment Agency Survey twice a year.

To view the database click here​

Reports 2016


  Monitoring Irelands Skill Supply 2016


  Vacancy Overview 2015 


 LifeLong Learning Participation Among Adults in Ireland, Quarter 4 2015

  National Skills Bulletin 2016

 Regional Labour Markets Bulletin 2016


Reports 2015


  Regional Labour Markets Bulletin 2015

  Monitoring Ireland's Skills-Supply - Trends in Education and Training Outputs 2015

  National Skills Bulletin 2015

  Vacancy Overview 2014

  Lifelong Learning among Adults in Ireland, Quarter 4 2014


Other Reports


  Assessment of Future Skills Requirements in the Hospitality Sector in Ireland, 2015-2020


Addressing the Demand for Skills in the Freight Transport, Distribution and Logistics Sector in Ireland 2015-2020

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LifeLong Learning Participation Among Adults in Ireland, Quarter 4 2015
National Skills Bulletin 2016
Regional Labour Markets Bulletin 2016
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Monitoring Ireland's Skills Supply 2016
Lifelong Learning Report 2017
Vacancy Overview 2016
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Follow Up Survey of FET Programme Participants 2016 - Final Report
Follow Up Survey of FET Programme Participants 2016 - Presentation
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